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Episode 50b - Short Sharp Shocks 7

  As there's all manner of real life getting in the way at the moment we decided to get out the third part of our look at early 20th Century short form horror with our guest host Doree, hopefully normal service will resume presently! We're looking at HJ Doom's selection this episode, a nautical William Hope Hodgson short.

Episode 50 - Fifty Shades Of Slay

  Well I'm sure that nobody expected this project to last this long, two years and 50 full episodes later we're still going strong, and to celebrate this landmark we're looking at THREE films in our Double Feature, just to make the name incorrect.

  All three of the films we're looking at are also celebrating their 50th birthdays, all being films that were released in 1970, and so we look at how that exciting transitional period for horror was approached by filmmakers in the UK, US and in Europe.

  No Easily Available Horror this episode, as it's just too packed!

Episode 49b - Short Sharp Shocks 6

  It's time for the second part of our three-part Short Sharp Shock where we look at three short stories by turn-of-the-century authors that had an influence on the later US authors like Lovecraft. We are again joined on this journey by Doree who provides the Shed with a bit of much-needed class.

Episode 49 - Original Monster

  We're still going through a turbulent time, so here's one thing you can rely on - two middle-aged men hiding away from the world in a shed, talking about horror stuff for an hour. And we're setting our mind back to the 1950s this week as we look back at the originals of the two remakes we watched last episode (i know - Spoilers!)

  We're also looking at a fascinatingly aloof British indie horror from the mind that brought us Garth Marenghi, and some horror news.

  What Fresh Hell?: Possum (2018) from Amazon.

Episode 48 - I’m Going Through Changes

  This is a pretty odd time with lots of bizarre changes to our lifestyles, but hey - at least we're not turning into insects or being replaced by shapeshifting insects!* The characters in our Double Features this episode are not so lucky. And with a great horror anime for our EAH there's plenty of distractions here, especially if you're stuck in quarantine. Look after yourselves out there.


  Easily Available Horror: Castlevania (2017) from Netflix

Episode 47b - Short Sharp Shocks 5

  Due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that the world is currently experiencing a mild apocalypse we haven't been able to get a new episode together for this week, but we have something possibly even better - one of our Short Sharp Shocks featuring our awesome guest host from Episode 30, the always delightful and informative Doree!

  This is the first of three short episodes where each of us pick a lesser-known short story that we love. Doree has first pick, and she's chosen The Willows by Algernon Blackwood for your pleasure.

Episode 47 - A Woman’s Right To Chews

  Well unless you picked 'Worldwide Plague' in the 'How We're All Going To Die' sweepstake you're probably not feeling too happy at the moment, so here's something to take your mind off things on this bleak Monday morning. This episode we're going all culinary, albeit for Long Pig, as we review, compare and contrast two films featuring women who eat human flesh, in very different ways. 

  And in an unusual bit of planning our Easily Available Horror is also one featuring cannibals, so nobody can accuse us of not doing the homework. And this episode can also be used as a useful reference for when we run out of food and turn on each other.

  Easily Available Horror: Somos Lo Que Hay (trans: We Are What We Are) (2010) from Amazon.

Episode 46 - Bunch Of Total Cults

  With all that's going on in the world, wouldn't it be nice to know that there's someone clever in charge? Someone with all the info, who knows what's best for everyone, who pledges unwavering loyalty to their infernal master? Maybe without that last bit, but this episode we're looking at two pieces of horror about mystical cults, and an audio horror and the usual news are a grim cherry on top that complete this morbid cake.

  Easily Available Horror: Herbert West: Reanimator, by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

Episode 45 - I’ll Get My Coat

  As everything is terrible in the world right now we're regressing to when we were 18 and our biggest worry was whether we could get a piss and a pint in before the 12" version of Temple Of Love '92 finished. And in the cinemas at the time skies were black, coats were even blacker, and everyone ran across rooftops whilst listening to Stone Temple Pilots. It was a happier time. So we're getting all nostalgic, and also looking at a new film, but one featuring a 90's musician, because the present day is scary and wrong.

  Easily Available Horror: He Never Died (2015) from Netflix.

Episode 44 - We Shall Nazi His Like Again

  I hope you've got a comfortable set of headphones, because this is a long one. Prepare yourself for the longest Easily Available Horror yet, as we spend over half an hour talking about a very niche 1970's horror film about undead bikers. And that's just the starter, as our Double Feature is a brace of films taking Nazism into the 21st Century. You know, just like in real life!

  One From The Vaults: Psychomania (1972), available on and YouTube.

Episode 43 - Philosophising Friday

  Happy New Year from both of us in the Shed, and what better way to start 2020 than to listen to us talk about a film from 1982? We're doing something a bit different in this episode, instead of our usual segments we just sat down for an hour and talked about Friday the 13th, Part 3:3D, the film which truly put the franchise on the tracks to the greatness it became.

  There's a bit of news and chat, but other than that this episode is wall-to-wall Friday the 13th, so enjoy!

Episode 42 - Happy Horror-days

  It's nearly Christmas, and even though we're now living in a totalitarian hellhole we're still full of good cheer here in the Shed. We've watched a Christmas-themed comedy horror for our One From The Vaults, and have a little deviation from our usual fare for our Double Feature.

  We're not sure what the release schedule will be over the holiday period, but we'll try and get something out, and we hope that you and yours have a lovely holiday.

  One From The Vaults: Krampus (2015)

Episode 41 - We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

  After the bonus ep last week we're pleased to be back with a full length Episode 41 for you today, now Richard deValmont is back from spending his 40th birthday climbing cathedrals, because he can only feel alive when facing death now, apparently. But in this episode we're looking at two films where a lot of death is faced, in the way that only 1970s British horror can. And with the usual news, views and a review of an incredible and odd indie horror there's a packed show for you to enjoy.

  What Fresh Hell Is This?: Spring (2014) on Amazon.

Episode 40b - Short Sharp Shocks 4

  It's a pretty busy time here in the Shed, what with family engagements, weekends away and annual moultings to deal with, so we're releasing one of our regular series of bonus episodes in lieu of our usual fare, but will be back to normal in two weeks for our Yuletide offering.

  The short form horror we're looking at this episode is 'The Hanging Balloons' by the master of horror manga, Junji Ito.

Episode 40 - The Big Gore-O

  They say that life begins at 40, if that's the case then this episode of the podcast is springing to life, attaching itself to your face and implanting an alien inside your chest. But via your ears, to avoid any copyright issues. In this one we're looking at two Lovecraft adaptations from that decade of horror restraint, the 1980s. There's also a contemporary horror brought to your attention alongside the usual news bits.

  What Fresh Hell Is This?: In The Tall Grass (2019) from Netflix

Episode 39 - Meta Off Dead

  Greethinksthh, vithitorth, thoo.. Sorry, I'll take out the huge plastic fangs for now. Greetings, visitors, to the Castle.. well, the Shed Of Dracula. Or Count Orlok, as we're contractually obligated to call him for copyright reasons. That's right, today we're looking at the history of the film Nosferatu, and its companion film Shadow Of The Vampire. We've also watched a gory 1960's classic and have a veritable shedload of news.

  One From The Vaults: The Flesh Eaters (1964) from Youtube.

Episode 38b - Short Sharp Shocks 3

  Due to life getting in the way we don't have the latest episode quite ready for you yet, but have no fear - there's still some content coming your way in the form of this bonus Short Sharp Shock, where we cast our eye over a review screener of an ambitious short film project, 'Occurrence At Mills Creek'.

  The next episode will be with you next Monday, and until then enjoy this bonus episode.

Episode 38 - Sid Haig Retrospective: A Death in the Firefly Family

  This is one that we didn't really want to be recording, at least not for a good few years yet. But Sid Haig was a horror icon and so we thought nothing of scrapping the plans we had for this episode to bring you a look back at Sid and his wonderful horror roles. We also look at a fascinating but harrowing Easily Available Horror.

  Easily Available Horror: Perfection (2019) from Netflix.

Episode 37 - I Am Final Girl, Hear Me Roar

  In this episode we are looking at one of the most iconic horror tropes - the plucky and intrepid survivor of the carnage, the Final Girl. But we're not just looking at any old Final Girls, though. We are looking at the most capable, cunning and inventive final girls that make it through by their own abilities. We are also going to look at a horror film currently in the cinema, and covering the usual horror news, and a cameo from Egg, one of Richard deValmont's cats (There are almost always cameos from our cats, but they're usually edited out!)

 What Fresh Hell Is This?: IT: Chapter Two (2019)

Episode 36 - Yee-Hawful

  This episode is all about new frontiers - we look at our first comic series, and in our Double Feature we're travelling back in time to the new frontier of the American West as we look at two horror westerns. But we've still got the usual horror news, to keep things comfortable, although warning - here there be clowns.

  What Fresh Hell Is This?: Infidel (2018), Image Comics, written by Pornsak Picheshote.

Episode 35 - Rutger Hauer Retrospective

  When we were deciding what the theme would be for this episode, it was clear that we needed to do something to remember the great work of Rutger Hauer, who died just as we were recording Episode 34. So we looked through his large back catalogue and picked two horror films which he was in that are not as well known as classics like The Hitcher. We also look at an anthology film from 1945 and share some horror news.

  One From The Vaults: Dead Of Night (1945) from

Episode 34 - When Tribbles Go Bad: Part Two

  We hope that you enjoyed the last podcast where we explored the first two Critters films, and inevitably for anything to do with horror, here's the sequel. We look at Critters 3 and 4, the straight to video entries to the franchise, as well as an Easily Available Horror and the latest horror news.

  Easily Available Horror: The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) from Netflix

Episode 33 - When Tribbles Go Bad

  In this episode we do something a little bit different, because change is good even when you're as old and tired as us. So we're spending the next two episodes taking a deep dive into a loved horror franchise - the Critters films. We're also doing all the usual stuff with a classic from the Vaults and juicy horror news.

  One From The Vaults: The Skull (1965) from

Episode 32 - Nicolas Cage, Nicolas Cager, Nicolas Cagest

  This episode we have dug deep into the mountains of madness that are the works of Nicolas Cage, truly the most bamboozling actor of our times. We look at two of his horror films that cover a perfect microcosm of what you can expect when you stick him in front of a camera. We also pull up an 80s film from the vaults and cover the usual news, including some exciting merch news!

  One From The Vaults: The Believers (1987) from Netflix

Episode 31 - Shiver Me Timbers!

  Welcome back to the Shed after our short break, we hope you enjoyed the bonus episode and that you're champing at the bit for more horror discussions. This episode we head out onto the open seas as we look at nautical-based horror, and cover the usual news and rare offerings. Swab the gore from the decks and join us now!

  Easily Available Horror: Black Summer (2019) from Netflix