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Episode 38 - Sid Haig Retrospective: A Death in the Firefly Family

  This is one that we didn't really want to be recording, at least not for a good few years yet. But Sid Haig was a horror icon and so we thought nothing of scrapping the plans we had for this episode to bring you a look back at Sid and his wonderful horror roles. We also look at a fascinating but harrowing Easily Available Horror.

  Easily Available Horror: Perfection (2019) from Netflix.

Episode 37 - I Am Final Girl, Hear Me Roar

  In this episode we are looking at one of the most iconic horror tropes - the plucky and intrepid survivor of the carnage, the Final Girl. But we're not just looking at any old Final Girls, though. We are looking at the most capable, cunning and inventive final girls that make it through by their own abilities. We are also going to look at a horror film currently in the cinema, and covering the usual horror news, and a cameo from Egg, one of Richard deValmont's cats (There are almost always cameos from our cats, but they're usually edited out!)

 What Fresh Hell Is This?: IT: Chapter Two (2019)

Episode 36 - Yee-Hawful

  This episode is all about new frontiers - we look at our first comic series, and in our Double Feature we're travelling back in time to the new frontier of the American West as we look at two horror westerns. But we've still got the usual horror news, to keep things comfortable, although warning - here there be clowns.

  What Fresh Hell Is This?: Infidel (2018), Image Comics, written by Pornsak Picheshote.

Episode 35 - Rutger Hauer Retrospective

  When we were deciding what the theme would be for this episode, it was clear that we needed to do something to remember the great work of Rutger Hauer, who died just as we were recording Episode 34. So we looked through his large back catalogue and picked two horror films which he was in that are not as well known as classics like The Hitcher. We also look at an anthology film from 1945 and share some horror news.

  One From The Vaults: Dead Of Night (1945) from

Episode 34 - When Tribbles Go Bad: Part Two

  We hope that you enjoyed the last podcast where we explored the first two Critters films, and inevitably for anything to do with horror, here's the sequel. We look at Critters 3 and 4, the straight to video entries to the franchise, as well as an Easily Available Horror and the latest horror news.

  Easily Available Horror: The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) from Netflix

Episode 33 - When Tribbles Go Bad

  In this episode we do something a little bit different, because change is good even when you're as old and tired as us. So we're spending the next two episodes taking a deep dive into a loved horror franchise - the Critters films. We're also doing all the usual stuff with a classic from the Vaults and juicy horror news.

  One From The Vaults: The Skull (1965) from

Episode 32 - Nicolas Cage, Nicolas Cager, Nicolas Cagest

  This episode we have dug deep into the mountains of madness that are the works of Nicolas Cage, truly the most bamboozling actor of our times. We look at two of his horror films that cover a perfect microcosm of what you can expect when you stick him in front of a camera. We also pull up an 80s film from the vaults and cover the usual news, including some exciting merch news!

  One From The Vaults: The Believers (1987) from Netflix

Episode 31 - Shiver Me Timbers!

  Welcome back to the Shed after our short break, we hope you enjoyed the bonus episode and that you're champing at the bit for more horror discussions. This episode we head out onto the open seas as we look at nautical-based horror, and cover the usual news and rare offerings. Swab the gore from the decks and join us now!

  Easily Available Horror: Black Summer (2019) from Netflix

Episode 30b - Short Sharp Shocks 2

  What's this? What's this? A midweek bonus episode? Indeed it is, because we have been off for a couple of weeks we thought we'd do a bonus episode to sate your hunger for the Shed. We have for you a discussion of a classic H. P Lovecraft short story, which was recorded and edited in one evening in a bit of a rush, so please excuse the slight drop in sound quality.

Episode 30 - Fucking With The Classics

  You know what they say - life begins at 30. This is of course nonsense, but Episode 30 of The Shed brings us some new blood in the form of our first guest host, Doree! We're very pleased to have had her in the Shed and we hope you are too. In this episode we look at two of the highest budget horror films of all times, adapted from two classic novels. We also bring a classic audio horror up from the vaults, and Doree shares her passion for horror in audio format.

  One From The Vaults: Lord Dracula (1974) written by Brian Hayles

Episode 29 - Nightmare At 28,000bps

  This episode is zipping down your net connection considerably faster than the virtual worlds we're talking about in our Double Feature, as we're covering two films from the 1990s that show quite how differently we thought about the Internet in those days. We're also breaking the chains of the Easily Available Horror and announcing some changes to the format.

  What Fresh Hell Is This?: Hagazussa (2017) on Netflix

Episode 28 - Raising Hell (And Old Ideas)

In this episode we're devoting pretty much the whole episode to the works of Clive Barker - we're both huge fans of his universes, even if some of the films set in them are a bit pony. We also cover some lots of current horror news and complain grumpily about classic franchises being tied up in legal wrangles throughout, as per usual.

  Easily Available Horror: Lord of Illusions (1995) from Netflix.

Episode 27 - I Am Legends

  Did you miss us? Of course not, it's only been a week and you knew we would return, like a masked killer thought to be dead but now throwing a decapitated head through your kitchen window. This episode we're looking at the various film versions of the Matheson classic 'I Am Legend'... except that one. We don't talk about that one. Except we do a bit. 

  Easily Available Horror: 'Frankenstein' by Mark Grey, showing on until September.

Episode 26b - Short Sharp Shocks 1

  This is the first in a series of bonus episodes where we'll be looking at short form horror - stories and films that can be consumed quickly and considered at length. This episode we talk about Clive Barker's short story 'In the Hills, The Cities' from his Books of Blood anthology.

Episode 26 - Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Chyme

  In this episode we're talking about funny business - comparing and contrasting a classic horror comedy with a more recent one. Your hosts were not feeling very funny though - this was recorded whilst we were both feeling rough, so please excuse any sniffing and spluttering. With news, the EAH, and a highly vague new segment we're fighting our way though the sickness to get you an hour of quality horror-based fun.

  Easily Available Horror: St Agatha (2019) from Netflix.

Episode 25 - Smack My Hitch Up

  Are you ready to hit the road? We're looking at two movies (three, if you count the Easily Available Horror) that are about road trips that go horribly wrong. It's pretty bleak, so strap in. We also cover some horror news and a really nice EAH. (This episode's title was written before we found out about the sad loss of The Prodigy's Keith Flint, but it is a nice coincidence - RIP Keith)

  Easily Available Horror: The Monster (2016) from Netflix

Episode 24 - Sing the Body Horror Electric

  We're a big fan of Clive Barker here in the shed, and we wanted to talk about some of his work that has made the silver screen that ISN'T Hellraiser, because we're also a big fan of the roads less travelled. So we've got two Barker works under the microscope in our Double Feature, we look at a book for the first time as an Easily Available Horror, and we respectfully disagree about computer games in the News segment.

  Easily Available Horror: Kill Creek by Scott Thomas, Inkshares.

  Also - We totally neglected to give any links or spell her name, so here's Jordan Reyne's website for more info about her music.

Episode 23 - Teenage Phlebotomy

  We've braved the cold weather and trudged out to the Shed to bring you this episode in which we talk about what happens when the rush of teenage hormones meets a desire for human blood in our Double Feature, watch a man overcome with greed in the Easily Available Horror, and find out what gay porn and Fright Night have in common.

  Easily Available Horror: Tumbbad (2018) from Amazon Prime.

Episode 22 - Small Things Gone Big

  With this episode of the Shed we are revisiting a previous Double Feature theme for the first time. Don't worry though, we're not running out of ideas, it's just that this is such a rich vein and we wanted to approach it a different way - the last time we looked at Creature Features it was some new and unusual ones, this time we're delving smack into the Golden Era of big things that should be small - the 1950s. We also have the usual news and Easily Available Horror, which this episode is a kooky horror character piece.

  Easily Available Horror: May (2002), from Shudder.

Episode 21 - Rich People Really Are Just Dicks, Aren’t They?

  It's a whole New Year here in the Shed, but your esteemed hosts have only made one resolution - to change NOTHING. We'll still be bringing you the best and brightest of Easily Available Horror, and watching pairs of films ranging from the awesome to the awful in the Double Feature, which this week is about the excesses of the wealthy in horror cinema.

  Easily Available Horror: Cam (2018) from Netflix

Episode 20 - It’s a Jolly Holiday with Scary

  It's the most wonderful time of the year, so naturally we're both sequestered in the Shed for the foreseeable to prevent our bitter misanthropy ruining everyone else's fun. But to show a bit of Christmas spirit we've gone for some slightly lighter fare in this episode, alongside our usual look at a piece of horror media that is both 'Easily Available' and highly recommended (Suitably for a horror podcast at Christmas, we had some gremlins interfering with our tech and so the sound quality is a bit variable in the second half, but we hope that won't affect your enjoyment).

  Easily Available Horror: The Haunting of Hill House (2018) from Netflix.

Episode 19 - Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

  Very rarely there comes along a piece of horror that affects people so much that they blur the lines between fact and fiction. This episode we look at two such works in our Double Feature, as well as reviewing another great foreign-language horror in the Easily Available segment, and talking very briefly about current horror news.

  Easily Available Horror: Train to Busan (2016) from Amazon Prime.

Episode 18 - Deal or No Deal

  Ever look at an Oscar-winning director with a host of classics under their belt and think 'I wonder if they made a low-budget horror early in their career'? If you have then this is the episode for you. We look at two early works by legendary directors, talk about a very interesting Easily Available Horror which is one of very few films in the Basque language, and share a smattering of horror news.

  Easily Available Horror: Errementari (2018) from Netflix.

Episode 17 - Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Film of the Game

  So here it is, our Spooky Hallowe'en episode with a noticeable lack of 'spook' and a total absence of 'Hallowe'en'. We're talking about a brace of films made from computer games, and be assured - neither of them are by Uwe Boll. We've gone through and distilled videogame movies to two of our favourites. Add to that some horror news and a look at a Netflix original set in a mysterious Welsh cult and we've got a fun filled hour for you.

  Easily Available Horror: Apostle (2018) from Netflix.

Episode 16 - Menarche in the USA

 Strap yourselves in for a ride on the Hormone Rollercoaster because this with two really excellent Double Feature films about young women coming to terms with growing up AND getting supernatural powers, a fascinating new Hindi horror series in our Easily Available Horror, and the usual selection of news from the world of horror.

  Easily Available Horror: Ghul (2018) from Netflix

Episode 15 - Out Of This World

  It's dark, cold, lonely and with no escape. But enough about life in general, we're talking this week about horror set in space. And of the many places where you can set a horror work, space is definitely up there as one of the creepiest. We're looking at two classic space-based horrors, and yes, one of them IS Event Horizon. And with the usual news and Easily Available Horror this one is packed!

  Easily Available Horror: The Void (2016) on Netflix.


Episode 14 - Diamonds and Pearls

  It's a sure sign that tempus is fugiting that not only is the horror classic 'The Blob' 60 years old this year, but the remake has hit 30 as well. So we look at both the original and the remake, and how indicative they are of the era in which they were made. We also talk about horror news and look at a fascinating Canadian horror.

  Easily Available Horror: Ravenous/Les Affamés (2017) from Netflix.

Episode 13 - She’s a Real Head Turner

  Episode 13 of Bela Lugosi's Shed - Unlucky for some? Well lucky for YOU, there's an hour of exorcism-related chat between co-hosts HJ Doom and Richard deValmont for you to enjoy. We look at two prominent exorcism related films and review a podcast gem.

   Easily Available Horror: 'Inside the Exorcist' podcast by Mark Ramsey on

Episode 12 - RKO Outta Nowhere!

  In this episode of Bela Lugosi's Shed we're looking back at the work of a lesser-known horror giant - the producer Val Lewton, whose dark and brooding horror films of the 1940s are still a joy to visit. We also review a very recent Netflix original, talk about some horror news and pick a horror Kickstarter that has caught our eye.

  Easily Available Horror: Annihilation (2018) from Netflix

Episode 11 - The Heart of the Splatter

  Episode 11 of Bela Lugosi's Shed goes all literary as we have great fun discussion two gory and lascivious Splatterpunk novels in our Double Feature, along with our cult pick and the usual horror news. Brace yourself, it's going to get disturbing as we cover some very adult themes. 

  Easily Available Horror: The Mist (2017 TV Series) from Netflix.

Episode 10 - Let’s Do The Show Right Here In This Abattoir

  It's something a bit different today in the Shed, as we are moving away from our usual Double Feature fare and looking at a slightly different medium - the horror musical. We're still flipping through the latest horror news and covering a really interesting lesser-known horror, and seeing if either of us is capable of getting through an episode about musicals without singing (Spoiler alert - we're not).

  Easily Available Horror: The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) from Netflix.

Episode 9 - Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law

In Episode 9 our trip into Bela Lugosi's Shed reveals two films that share the common theme that they both feature a serial killer who is able to continue their murderous spree after their execution by being able to inhabit the bodies of other people. We look at how two very different directors put their slant on what is essentially the same film. We also review a great horror film by James Gunn, and discuss current horror news.

Easily Available Horror: The Belko Experiment (2016) on Netflix.

Episode 8 - See No Evil, Hear No Evil

  Is it that time again? Here's Episode 8, stepping out of the shed falteringly like a baby deer, except not like a baby deer at all because it's neither cute nor innocent. Today we're looking at two great recent films where a character has a sensory impairment, and let you know what we think about a micro (and we mean MICRO) budget horror film.

  Easily Available Horror: Slasher House (2012) from Mycho Entertainment/Amazon Prime.

Episode 7 - Rated PG (Parental Grand-Guignol)

In this episode we're looking at the unique bond that exists between parents and their children, and how the parents being sociopathic murderers can affect it. We're looking at two very different films about this theme, and also covering some recent horror news and a lesser known gem in our Easily Available Horror.

Easily Available Horror: American Mary (2012) from Amazon.

Episode 6 - You Say Vampire, I Say Vampyr, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

  It's Episode 6! But you'll find no Ewoks here, just unconventional vampires and bleak 90's computer games. That's right, we're finally dipping our feet into the very rich vein that is video game horror, as we look at a classic 90's point and click adventure. Then in our Double Feature we're looking at two films which contain vampires, but not those of the blood draining variety. Our vampires are after far more than just your blood, my friends.

Easily Available Horror: I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream (1995, Dev: The Dreamers Guild) from

Episode 5 - David Icke’s 2nd Favourite Movie Club

 In this trip into Bela Lugosi's Shed we are all about aliens - but not those showy aliens who rock up in a spaceship in tinfoil outfits. No, we're into clandestine invasions, and there are no two better examples of the genre that those in our Double Feature today. We also look at a microbudget mockumentary about a shock rocker with an occult secret.

Easily Available Horror: The Devil's Music (2008) from Amazon Prime.

Episode 4 - Dismember You’re a Womble

  It's time to wander into the Shed again, brave adventurers! This time we're going under the surface of horror, and looking at some films of subterranean horror. In a rare show of good planning our Easily Available Horror is also on theme as we discuss a classic piece of internet fiction.

Easily Available Horror: Ted the Caver (2003) Internet fiction.

Episode 3b - Bonus Episode with Owen Tooth

  This is the first bonus episode of Bela Lugosi's Shed, these will be occasional episodes released between normal shows where we interview people involved in horror, do special reviews, basically anything that isn't part of the normal format.

  In this episode deValmont is in conversation with Owen Tooth, the director of 'Devil's Tower', who tells some fascinating stories about the production and the process of getting a film made.

Episode 3 - Legs and Co.

  It's that time again, and on the third episode of Bela Lugosi's Shed we've watched a fun British horror set in a dilapidated apartment block, compare and contrast the crawly 90's film Arachnophobia and the creepy and intense 70's ant flick Phase IV, and go through some horror news that has caught our eye.

Easily Available Horror: The Devil's Tower (2014) from Amazon.

Episode 2 - Lycan, You Can, We All Can

  In the second episode of Bela Lugosi's Shed we discuss latest horror news, review an Easily Available Horror, and in this episode's double feature we howl at the moon as we compare classic lycanthropic horror films Dog Soldiers and An American Werewolf in London.

Easily Available Horror: Nina Forever (2015) from Amazon Prime.

Episode 1 - The Grapes of Roth

  In this, the first ever episode of the horror podcast Bela Lugosi's Shed, we discuss the Eli Roth films Hostel and Hostel 2, review an interesting indie horror-comedy, and touch on some current horror news.

Easily Available Horror: Patchwork (2015) from Amazon Prime.